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Approved Ocean Wise Seafood program partners can now display the Ocean Wise Seafood symbol next to ocean-friendly seafood options on their menus to help communicate their sustainability story.

Sociavore is focused on helping restaurants grow sustainably and that includes helping promote a sustainable food system for restaurants to thrive long-term. Sociavore is partnering with the Ocean Wise Seafood program to help promote their mission through the websites of their restaurant partners. The Ocean Wise Seafood Program is a conservation and education not for profit program that works directly with chefs to make choosing sustainable seafood options for their menus a simple choice.

Restaurants can then use the Ocean Wise symbol to makes it easy for guests to choose sustainable seafood options, feel good about making that choice and then come back to that restaurant to keep up the good work!

Are you an Approved Ocean Wise Seafood program partner?

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