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Guest timelines & history

A single unified view of all of your restaurant’s interactions with a guest. Ensure seamless communication with guests. Review messages, forms, feedback, reservations and more within a framework that keeps your entire team on the same page.

Guest profiles

Sociavore is a new breed of restaurant CRM and pulls information automatically from dozens of data sources. Fully configurable guest tags, dietary restrictions, notes and integration with social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn let your team provide perfect hospitality every time.

Guest messaging

Communicate with guests in real-time via your website or later via email. Messages enables your team to answer questions, resolve issues, and craft the perfect guest experience.

Sociavore Feature - Guestbox

Guest experience

Sociavore Feature - Guest experience

The strongest real-time indicator for your restaurant’s future success is whether your guests recommend you to their friends. Guests can quickly provide this feedback from their guest dashboard, the website, or with a follow-up message from you. Automatically track your restaurant's net promoter score.

Notifications & reminders

Sociavore Reservations sends automatic reservation confirmations and reminders. Our intelligent email design allows iOS and Google Assistant to alert your guests when it’s time to depart. They’ll arrive on time, every time.

One-tap actions

We make it easy to turn visitors into real guest covers - call, directions, messaging, and reservations are always one tap away.

Mobile obsessed - just like your guests

Over half the guests on your website are on a mobile device. Elegant, mobile-responsive themes bring your restaurant to life in every browser, tablet and smartphone. Give your guests the best experience on every device.

Personalized menus

We make your restaurant’s most popular page personal.

Dietary filter

Our menu editor makes it easy to identify items based on allergies, diet, and other food restrictions. All of these match up with the dietary concerns a guest provides, letting them quickly view diety-friendly menu.

Up-to-date menus

Create and hide seasonal menus. Use our drag & drop menu builder to add and rearrange menu items and sections. Upload a PDF for guests to download and view offline.

Sociavore Feature - Personalized menus

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