Improve guest experience with Forms & feedback 


Collect feedback from a follow-up message, your website, or their guest dashboard.

Proven lead Forms

Looking to grow your events and catering revenue? Our tested and proven lead forms successfully capture high-margin bookings.

Notifications and reminders

You confirm or deny the reservation, allowing for greater flexibility in managing your tables

Feedback Tool

Easy Feedback Collection

The strongest real-time indicator for your restaurant’s future success is whether your guests recommend you to others.

  • Guests can provide feedback from a follow-up message, your website, or their guest dashboard.
  • Track guest feedback within your dashboard so you’re constantly improving.
  • Easy-to-remember feedback link to share with guests.

Form Builder

Drag & Drop Forms

Cut the phone calls and manage all of your requests and inquiries with powerful forms.

  • Pre-built forms for guests to inquire about private events and catering and submit their requests in minutes.
  • Track all forms and inquiries in your dashboard with seamless event management.
  • Set up a contact tracing form before ordering to reinforce the highest level of safety protocols.

"Sociavore has helped Huntsville Brewhouse build a user-friendly website that is simple for us to navigate and update daily; this is highly important in the restaurant business where there are constant changes being made. Sociavore has been responsive to our feedback on implementing features and always follows through on delivering a seamless customer experience."


Marketing, Huntsville Brewhouse



A new breed of restaurant CRM. Stay connected with your guests, and ensure the perfect dining experience every time.

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Your own reservation service. Skip the third-party fees and gain control of your guest data with built-in reservations.

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