Sociavore Waitlists

Get rid of lines. Make guests happy. 

From their living room to your dining room, guests who join the waitlist remotely are more likely to stick out the wait than walk-ins

Save money

Eliminate costly pagers and free your guests by using texts

Save time

Through a QR code or your host stand, guests can check the wait time and join

More insights

Discover insights into your busiest nights and never forget a guest

Wait anywhere

Turn The Wait into Click Bait

Make guests and staff feel happier and safer by eliminating long, crowded lines in front of your restaurant. Automatically send guests menus to review while they wait from anywhere.

Save time

Free up your staff

No pagers or new hardware required —notify guests by text. Use any phone, desktop or a tablet to track and communicate with guests about their upcoming dining experience.

Better insights

Know your guests

See how long guests are waiting, who left before getting a table and capture feedback post-visit. Use guest data to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Build a modern restaurant website

Try Sociavore free for 14 days, and explore all the tools you need to build a modern restaurant guest experience online. No credit card required.