What is the best restaurant website builder?

Sociavore is an alternative to Spothopper  

Sociavore offers superior e-commerce features and flexibility at a fraction of the cost, without binding contracts, making it the clear choice over SpotHopper.

Built for restaurants

Our team brings a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. We understand the complexities of the daily operations and made Sociavore easy to use day-in/day-out by staff.

Best in class pricing

We’re committed to supporting restaurants of all sizes. No insane contracts. Free trial included in every subscription.

Don't wait on support

With SpotHopper, you're probably used to waiting for basic changes to be done by their support. Sociavore makes it dead simple to do any change on your own with instant chat support to back you up.

Sociavore is the best SpotHopper alternative

We've reviewed countless contracts from former SpotHopper customers and here are two of the most surprising details we saw:

1. Shockingly, SpotHopper retains ownership of all photos and videos it produces or commissions for the restaurant. If the restaurant wants ownership rights to these photos and video after terminating the agreement with SpotHopper, they must purchase the rights, even if all subscription fees are up-to-date. The contract prescribed cost to reclaim these photos is $3,000 within the first 12 months of the subscription, and $2,000 if claimed between 12 to 24 months.

2. Once a website goes live, SpotHopper provides ongoing support restricted to promotional events throughout the year, which includes generic website pop-ups, headers, and footers for seasonal, holiday, and sporting events. For anything beyond this, SpotHopper only offers up to 15 hours of website modifications requested by the customer within an entire year. Should you exceed these 15 hours, prepare to be billed at a rate of $150 USD per hour.

Choose Sociavore over SpotHopper and here's why: At a fraction of the cost, Sociavore delivers a superior e-commerce platform, brimming with advanced features from Online Ordering to Reservations tightly integrated with Google. Its unmatched flexibility and integrations allow you to customize effortlessly, ensuring your guests receive an unparalleled online experience. All of this comes without punitive binding contracts. Sociavore is the clear choice if you value quality, efficient operations, and a pixel-perfect guest experience.

If you need more assistance in managing a website than a service like Sociavore can provide (although we do have great live-chat support and an AI chatbot trained on 300+ articles), then take a look at PopMenu or BentoBox as other alternatives to SpotHopper.

Don't forget to read feedback on Reddit from other restaurants and get the inside scoop on Glassdoor from their employees.

Monthly Fees
ContractsNoAnnual binding contracts
Restaurant Commission Per OrderNoneUnknown
Required set up feeNone$500
Open API
Front of House
Reservations (Request + Confirm)On spotapps.co domain
Reserve with Google
Reservations (ERB)Coming soon
Digital Waitlist
Waitlist with Google
Event Ticketing & Management
Fully Hosted Website
Website Content EditingVia support ticket
Real-Time Menu ManagementVia support ticket
Custom FormsOn spotapps.co domain
Events CalendarList only
Jobs & Application ManagementOn spotapps.co domain
Instagram Importing
Direct Online OrderingOn spotapps.co domain
Order Throttling & Management
Order Aggregator SupportDeliverect & Cuboh
Inventory & Daily Inventory
In-House Delivery
Delivery Zones (Radius + Shapes)Distance-based
Flat-Fee Delivery Partners
Ordering Channels
Cross Menu Ordering
Google Food OrderingAdvanced
Kiosk Ordering
Order & Pay (Table, Room Service)
Outpost & Dropoff Ordering
Gift Cards
Digital Gift Cards
Gift Card DenominationsAny
Scheduled Gifting
Square Gift Card Support
Menu Management Tools
Real-Time Menu ManagementVia support ticket
Menu Pricing
QR Code Menus
Promotion Tools
Discounts & Offers
Gift Card Bonus Campaigns
Newsletter Signups
Photoshoot + Video ShootBook on Snappr
Photoshoot CopyrightYours$2000 to purchase rights
Automated Marketing IntegrationsKlaviyo, Mailchimp, Constant Contact
Google Schema Rich Data Support

If SpotHopper's features or pricing gets an update and this article becomes outdated, email us and we will update it.

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