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It’s Patio Season

Provide your guest with the easiest contactless dining experience

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, restaurant owners are carefully planning the reopening of their restaurants. It might take a while for people to get back into the groove of dining in public, so it’s important to create a safe and comfortable environment for your guests.

Patio season with Sociavore

Everything Contactless

Guests can easily access your menu on their smartphones by entering a URL, tapping a Near Field Communication tag, or scanning a QR code. They can order food + drinks securely, all without touching a menu, tapping a machine, signing a receipt, or waiting in line.

Table side ordering combines the use of your beautiful patio, and our all-in-one smart ordering system for the easiest contactless on-premise dining experience.

Designed for you

Sociavore is designed by our restaurant community, for our restaurant community.

We’ve been planning for the future. It’s here. Outdoor dining is a hub that brings the community together in the summertime. We encourage you to follow the safety guidelines provided by the government so your guests can have an enjoyable experience.

If you are a restaurant and you like what you see, register to offer your guests the perfect contactless on-premise dining experience.

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